Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy February

We have had an extremely busy February so far.  We have had lots of ups, and a few downs.  But through it all Curtis and I still have each other to hold on to, and for that I am most grateful!!

We had the chance to go over to Midway, UT to see the "ice castles."  Here is Curtis with his amazing smile.  It was freezing!  Here is the website for the castles (  Anyone living in the Valley should take the chance to go over, but remember to wear something warm!

Curtis "impaling" himself with the icicle . 

Me "impaling" myself on the same icicle.  Notice it hits me at my chest and not down by my legs!

Curtis in front of one of the biggest castles.

Me freezing my butt off!

And dancing like a fool!

We were the only people at the ice castles (come to find out they actually light up at night, when most people go.  But I am not gonna lie I was grateful we went during the light because it was so cold!) so I had to put my camera up on one of the ice castles to snap this picture.  That is why it is a little crooked. :D

We had to make an emergency trip to Illinois and Indiana because my Grandpa Bill (my Dad's, Dad) was very sick and in the hospital/nursing home.  He sadly passed away on the morning of Wednesday the 9th.  I love my Grandpa and he will be missed!

He has a military funeral because he was a member of the Army during the Korean war.

All of the Pall-bearers were members of my family.  Cousins, Uncles, and my own Father.

The American Legion were all there.

This is the covering of his vault.

And this is his beautiful casket that he picked out himself. 

This is what my Grandparent's headstone says.  It reads, "A lifetime of love, began on February 12th, 1952 and will continue when we meet again one day."  It just so happens that my Grandpa's funeral was on February 12th.  He was layed next to his sweetheart on the same day that they were married, some 59 years later.  What a cool blessing!

Here is my sweet little grandpa.  He was so sick.  But he still had the strength to muster up a smile (though I was too slow to get it on camera).

My Mother is such a loving care-giver. (And blogger won't let me turn the picture...) :(

My sweet Sister with our Grandpa. 

This is the scene that I found when I came home on Monday (you know Valentines Day!)

And this was what was at the end of one of the trails of rose petals!

Curtis has also decorated the bedroom.  I seriously have the BEST husband ever.  :D


  1. I am so glad that you got to visit with your Grandpa before his passing. And for him to pass on the same day as their anniversary..WOW True Love never ceases to lasts and lasts.

  2. I wish so much I had been able to be there. It looks like he had an extremely nice funeral, surrounded by people who loved him. <3